Hi, my name is Angela

and I’m originally from Germany, lived in Spain, a short time in Sweden and now I’m back in Germany. 
I have taken an interest in health related things most of my adult life and like to share some of my thoughts with you here on my blog.


In my ‘younger’ years I was interested and have read a lot about native americans and appreciated the way they respect animals and mother nature.


In Spain I lived in the countryside, which gave me the opportunity to surround myself with animals – I had 2 dogs and 8 cats, 2 fish tanks with beautiful fishes to admire and last, but not least,  my little canary bird, who filled my day with his lovely singing.



Henry Chief Assistant


As happens to the best of, sadly most of them are gone and my dog Henry is my only animal companion now. He is a pointer-mix and already 15+ years old, has arthritis and is a bit dodgy on his legs, but still loving. I have to admit he’s a bit of a mummy’s boy.

Here is a picture of him Cute eh!





I’ve always liked to cook and bake, which i think comes from watching my mom make bread and cakes at home and that inviting smell of freshly baked bread  Ummm! you know what I mean.

When I moved to live in sunny Spain, the mediterranean kitchen came closer to me.  The Mediterranean diet, as you know, is one of the healthiest in the world. So I miss that about Spain and of course the obligatory red wine! It’s just not like that in Sweden. They tend to frown on drinking there.

One of my favourite  past times was to stroll over the colourful weekly spanish markets with all the fresh foods and inviting smells. Fresh vegetables, fish, garlic, olive oil – preparing dinner with is a pleasure, not to mention enjoying eating it. Anyway I am going on here,  but you get the picture.

In this blog I’ve started taking a closer look at all health related. I think there are more people out there like me trying to find an honest review about healthy food and beauty tips.

So on this pages you’ll find my humble opinion, which hopefully helps you to make the right decisions when it comes to a healthier living.


Come back as often as you want to read about the latest buzz.

Thank You!