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Balance Cushion / Wobble Cushion = Delight! Bye Bye Back Pain

Heard off the balance cushion, yet?

In our lives, we are lamentable most likely to experience some kind of pain in the back. The cause can be a wide variety of factors.

In my case, it is because sitting long hours on the computer desk. That not only makes my posture going from bad to worse also I suffer from back pain.

balance cushionI came upon an article about a wobble cushion and made a bit of research. Found out all the advantages of these balance cushions, how they also called.

So I wanted to give it a try, bought it at Amazon and now my back pain lay’s in the past.

Here is what I found out about the balance cushion:

A stability cushion, likewise called a workout disc, balance cushion, wobble cushion or stability disc.

I kind of like the name wobble cushion :).

It is a strong air-filled rubber disc. Has a nonslip surface on one side and a textured rough sensory side on the other. They call it ‘stability’ cushion, even it is unsteady. It is due to the fact that they are meant to help you achieve stability, as in ‘core stability’.balance cushion

A wobble cushion is great if you sit at a desk throughout the day. And are feeling back pain for being inactive or endure a sore bottom.

Use these orthopedic pillows to improve your posture. When sitting and to take the weight off, which so decreases stress.


Main Advantages:

• Decreases physical instability, tiredness, and discomfort
• Improves balance, legs, glutes (gluteal muscles) and the cardiovascular system
• Enhances concentration for adults and also kids
• Revamps energy levels
• Boosts the capacity to manage tension

The deep muscles which function to provide position support for the body are consistently reinforced. After a short period of making use of a disk, you will find your core muscular tissues are more powerful. Improving both the muscles which support and hold you upright. Besides your posture improves.

balance cushion

For kids too

Also schools and kindergartens utilizing stability cushions.

As a help to assist kids with focus and also learning troubles to sit still as well as concentrate.


Aim to strengthen your core muscle mass, decrease back pain, as well as enhance your posture? Resting on a wobble cushion makes the basic act of resting a dynamic, energetic experience.

The air filled balance cushion provides an unsteady sitting surface. For grownups and children alike. The body has to make dynamic, tiny constant motions to remedy your equilibrium.

The most useful and efficient way to use a stability disc is for boosting core strength. Also straightening less compared to ideal posture. Best is to remain on the padding for short time spans during the day.

It’s in fact a bit uncomfortable, to a certain point. The aim of the product is to make your resting an energetic chore for your back muscular tissues. A wobble padding cannot compete with the comfort of slumping over!

It is possible to slouch, even remaining on a wobble padding. Bear in mind that you’re beating the function. So don’t allow yourself to fall off the back side of the pillow and rest on the back of your chair.

Test Your Balance

It’s an excellent, straightforward test of balance. Stand on it and try to maintain your balance for more than 20 secs. Can’t do it? Then standing on a wobble padding is a fine exercise for you.

If you need even more of a difficulty, base on one foot. Wave your arms about.

There are many means to make use of a wobble pillow as an exercise accessory. Put a wobble cushion under hands, feet, or bum. The unstable surface area will make it a lot more challenging. As well as build more musculature.

In Conclusion

After using the balance cushion now for a few weeks, my back feels much better.

In short: I love my wobble cushion!


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