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The Cardio Myth Smashed

Why You May Be Putting on The Pounds With Too Much Cardio

The Cardio Myth – Clinical research by independent forces across the world has demonstrated that cardiovascular exercise like running really has no effect for little effect on weight loss. If cardio is overdone it can even lead to a heart attack or muscle loss.

cardio myth smashed

Most people believe that when you want to lose some pounds you simply put on an old pair of running shoes, hit the exercise bike, go on the treadmill or do other forms of cardio to lose weight. You might also notice that after you finish cardio you’re gasping for air, sweating profusely, but don’t seem to be losing any weight.

One of the common fitness beliefs in Canada, the United States, the UK, Australia, and other nations is that you will lose a lot of weight if you put in hours of cardiovascular exercise. Thousands of studies, as well as the experience of many season trainers, says that this is not the case.

Jogging burns only about 5 calories per minute

Long-term cardiovascular activity and low-intensity activity like jogging or walking will only burn around 5 calories each minute. You could exercise for a whole hour and only burn around 300 calories. Cardiovascular exercise is great for maintaining weight and for improving your overall cardiovascular health but it is not very useful for fat loss. This type of exercise doesn’t burn enough calories to cause the body to begin to burn fat.

cardio myth

Strain on your joints

cardio myth smashed

High-intensity exercise on the other hand such like hard running will burn more calories. The problem with this is you need more recovery time between your work out so early the net effect of this type of activity is about the same. These exercises will also put a lot of strain on the joints and You might build up scar tissue on the heart which might promote a potential heart attack. Hard cardiovascular exercise will also put the body into a catabolic state.

Catabolic refers to the state of the body when you are starved of nutrients so you begin to feed on the body to get the energy that you need. The downside to this is that your body is feeding on muscle tissue. When you go for a hard run you will deplete muscle mass but this will not increase fat loss. People that run heavily will have to load up on carbohydrates to maintain their weight and this just compounds the problem

Breakthrough weight loss program

fat decimator

Kyle Cooper Is a fitness expert and a former Marine. He has created a breakthrough weight loss program which he calls Fat Decimator. In the book, he exposes the cardio myth and the other Fitness beliefs let’s stop around 90% of individuals from tackling and defeating their weight problems.

He worked with Dr. Sam Pak Who is a biochemistry expert and involved in Korean Internal Medicine. They expose the lies of the fitness industry today and their weight loss program is comprehensive and uses scientific studies to help you lose weight properly.

The fat decimator program is designed to help the body lose weight based upon the natural cycles of the body. There is no exhausting exercise, no starvation diets, no food you won’t like, and no gadgets that you need to buy. This is a step by step program that is helped over 50,000 people to lose weight successfully and in less time when compared to other programs. When you purchase this program, you get a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. If you want to lose weight and do it successfully,

Fat Decimator is the program for you.

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