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Hard Skin – Calluses – The Secret To Smooth Baby Feet Revealed

What is hard skin (Calluses)?

Rough patches of hard skin that are slightly yellowish in color, often appear around the heel or on the ball of the foot. This skin is less sensitive to the touch than the surrounding skin and is quite thick.

Calluses develop when the skin rubs against something (such as a tight shoe). As well as repeated heavy pressure, such as running, can speed up the formation of calluses. People who are a long time on their feet or athletes are particularly susceptible to the hard skin on the feet.

The build-up of hard skin (Calluses) on your feet, if left untreated, the skin can become dry, swollen or even crack. This can be very painful and may lead to more serious skin problems, as you can imagine.

Get your smooth baby feet back

hard skin


Apart from the knowledge that your feet are being kept as beautiful as possible, so you are able to flaunt your feet with confidence.

Preventing hard skin on your feet is also important for other reasons, like painful skin problems.

Removing calluses is easy with…

hard skinYes, of course, you can go with these gadgets like gelly socks, or wrap your feet in plastic bags for hours, or…

All Crap! – Just my humble opinion.

Why not go with an old low-cost home remedy like Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)?

Here is what I’ve done:

Twice a week I bath my feet for 15min in just water with a good shot of ACV. Ok, I must admit, I’ve spent a bit more and were buying me a foot spa massager.

hard skin


In the early evening hours, I relax with a nice glass of red wine and my feet in this warm, bubbling water.

Can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy this time, such a good deed, not just for my feet.

Don’t need to use any brush, stone, scaper… – just the massage in the ACV-water does the trick.

Worth every cent this foot-spa! You know by now, that I’m not a young chick anymore, nevertheless I am back to soft, smooth baby feet 🙂


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