tibetan rites

Tibetan Rite – How to exercise the 5 Tibetans

The ‘Tibetan Rite’ is a workout for boosting adaptability. These techniques reinforce and extend all the primary muscular tissues in your body. Also aids with balance and you can do it in just ten minutes. Experience renewed vitality and also well-being.

Practice the 5 Tibetans, also called the ‘Fountain Of Youth’, each day. I suggest doing the 5 tibetans exercise in the morning rather than the evening due to the fact that they do stoke your energy.


tibetan rites

Begin by practicing three to five repetitions of each rite, and develop to 21 reps.

How to exercise the 5 Tibetans

Tibetan Rite One:

tibetan rite

Stand set up with arms outstretched, horizontal to the flooring.

Spin around clockwise, till you end up being somewhat dizzy.


Tibetan Rite Two:

tibetan riteFirst, lay on the floor, face up. Totally expand your arms along your sides, as well as place the palms of your hands against the flooring. Keeping the fingers close with each other.

After that, raise your head off the floor, tucking the chin versus the breast.
As you do this, lift your legs, knees straight, right into an upright position. Ideally, let the legs expand back over the body, towards the head. However, do not allow the knees to flex.

Then gradually lower both the head as well as the legs, knees right, to the flooring. Enable all the muscles to unwind, continue breathing in the exact same rhythm. Take in deeply as you lift your legs as well as breathe out, as you lower your legs.

Tibetan Rite Three:

tibetan riteFor the third rite of the 5 tibetans start kneeling on the floor, with the body put up. The hands need to be placed versus the upper leg muscle mass. Incline the head and neck forward, putting the chin versus the breast. Then, throw the head and also the neck backward, curving the spinal column.

As you arch, you will support your arms and also hands versus the thighs for support. After the arching, go back to the initial placement. Start once again. Take in deeply as you arch the back, breathe out as you return to an erect setting.

Tibetan Rite Four:

tibetan riteSit down on the flooring with your legs straight out before you. With the trunk of the body erect, place the palms of your hands on the floor along with the buttocks.

Then, put the chin forward against the breast. Bend the head backward as far as it goes.

At the same time, increase your body to ensure that the knees bend while the arms continue to be straight. The trunk of the body will remain in a straight line with the upper legs, horizontal to the flooring. Tense every muscle in the body.

Ultimately, unwind your muscular tissues as you return to the initial sitting.  Breathe in as you increase up, hold your breath as you strained the muscles, breathe out entirely as you boil down. Continue breathing in the very same rhythm as you relax between repeatings.

Tibetan Rite Five:

tibetan riteWhen you do the fifth rite, your body will be face-down to the floor. Hands down versus the flooring, as well as the toes in a bent position. Keep your arms and legs should be straight. Beginning with your arms at an angle of 90° to the floor, and the spinal column curved, to make sure that the body is in a sagging placement.

Toss the head back as far as you can. Then, bending at the hips, bring the body up into an inverted ‘V’. At the same time, bring the chin onward, tucking it versus the upper body. Inhale deeply as you increase the body, breathe out fully as you lower it.

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